Social responsibility

“Tin Nghia” has been carefully chosen to name the company since its inception. We always respect this meaningful appellation with great commitment and dedication.

In the business culture of Tin Nghia Corporation, the word “Tin” (means credibility in Vietnamese) is always placed ahead in working with partners, customers, authorities as well as stakeholders as a whole. Apart from the determined business philosophy and strategy embedded by the company leaders as the guideline for all of its operations and activities, corporate culture – Tin Nghia culture has gradually formed and effectively impressed customers, partners and the society. The word “Nghia” (means good deep in Vietnamese) has been expressed in a friend-like and effective manner aiming toward the community, all for the prosperity of the whole society.

Tin Nghia perceives that apart from making profits, each business does assume responsibility for associate themselves with society and community. Therefore, to us, social responsibility becomes one of the important factors which is determined seriously and respectfully, e.g., charity houses full of sympathy; heart operations dedicated to poor children full of relief; the “Giving hands to the future generations” , “Together with Tin Nghia reaching the future” program full of humanity; building Nhon Nghia kindergarten, Thanh Nghia kindergarten, giving it to Nhon Trach and Long Thanh districts Dong Nai province; Donate to Truong Sa, Support the flood victims, Fund for the poor, Agent Orange victims, Fund for poor children, Participate in humanitarian blood donation, Humanitarian eye surgery, Philanthropic clinics; Visiting and giving gifts to policy families, the blind, the poor, Orphans and poor children in Dong Nai province on the occasion of holidays, Tet, etc… Especially, on its 30th Anniversary, in addition to the annual charity activities, Tin Nghia has supported to build 100 charity house for people in Dong Nai province; Sponsor scholarship for 100 student in the Southeast.

Especially, during the fourth Covid-19 epidemic, Tin Nghia contributed to the Covid-19 vaccine fund; provided medical equipment to support field hospitals; rice, essential necessities for local districts in Dong Nai province to prevent the spread of Covid-19; supported the program “Waves and computers for children” etc…

In addition, Tin Nghia coordinated with Dong Nai province to participate in the price stabilization program in 3 month with 13 store in Bien Hoa city and Nhon Trach district; built 4 concentrated quarantine areas in Tin Nghia’s industrial parks etc… These are some of the examples for the Corporation’s community-oriented activities in the recent past.

Our staff commits to maintain, consolidates and develops the business name of Tin Nghia just right as its name called.